C-Awaken Oxygenating Experience

$85 | 50 minutes

Awaken the skin for a luminous glow using the power of Vitamin C. This advanced treatment includes a double cleanse, enzymes and layered antioxidants and melanin suppressants to address hyperpigmentation and signs of aging. This treatment leaves the skin visibly nourished, firmer and tighter. This treatment includes hand and scalp massage. 

Dermaplane Me Please!

$95 | 50 minutes

Dermaplane is a gentle treatment, yet effective treatment that exfoliates your skin’s surface by removing the top layer of dead skin and fine vellus hair (also known as peach fuzz). Skintopia helps you get the best results possible by combining this treatment with our signature facial that allows the products to soften the stratum corneum to further exfoliate the skin.  Products will penetrate deeper, offering greater benefits. By removing dead skin cells and the soft facial hair that traps dirt and oil, you are able to apply makeup more evenly and are left with smoother and softer skin. This facial requires no downtime and you will witness immediate results. Your treatment includes an arm, hand and head massage massage.

Hydrate & Restore Experience 

$75 | 50 minutes

Pamper even the driest Arizona skin with this extraordinary facial experience. Skin is gently cleansed with milky, nourishing ingredients, and steamed to a deep clean. A cherry enzyme is used to deeply exfoliate dead skin cells so that the deeper layers can be infused with antioxidants, Essential Fatty Acids, and a luxurious hydrating facial mask. This treatment includes hand and scalp massage.

Inflammation Diffusion Experience

$80 | 50 minutes

The skin experiences a healing treatment using digestive enzymes, natural herbs and a custom mandelic complex to reduce bacteria, soften and dissolve cellular buildup, reduce inflammation and lighten pigmentation for healty-looking, radiant skin.  Hand and scalp massage included.

Lighten & Brighten Experience 

$85 | 50 minutes

Refresh and renew tired, dull skin with this powerful “double infusion.” This facial uses very targeted ingredients to stimulate and increase blood flow, reduce hyper-pigmentation and detoxify skin tissue. The skin is left bright and glowing for days afterward. This treatment includes hand, neck and head massage.

Man-up Detox Experience 

$75 | 50 minutes

Men’s skin needs attention too, and Skintopia customizes treatments for them! Enzymes, serums, and masks stimulate and nourish the skin, reducing fine lines and providing collagen synthesis that will have their skin renewed and energized. Scalp and foot massage included with each treatment.

Minus Ten – Rejuvenating Transformation

$150 | 50 minutes

As the name implies, this treatment was designed to help clients recapture the skin of their youth by erasing ten years. This treatment is all about infusing the skin with cutting active edge ingredients natural groundbreaking ingredients; this facial will enhance your results and keep your skin glowing for weeks. It targets the mechanisms that affect skin degradation; it focuses on those critical areas of concern: wrinkles and fine lines, crow’s feet, puffy eyes, crepe neck and dull, lifeless skin. Infuses the skin with active ingredients, peptides, that will stimulate, repair and rejuvenate the skin. The active ingredients will firm and tone skin by communicating with the cells to produce more collagen and give skin a luminous glow. This corrective facial is on the same level as a Progressive Peel, and a growth factor serum is provided to take home to continue to nourish your skin ($20 value). A series of 3 is recommended.  

Skintopia Signature Experience

$75 | 50 minutes

Skin is as unique as each individual. Because of this Skintopia's Signature Experience is customized to fit your exact concerns for your optimal results. Skin care can be confusing so let me decide what is best for your skin. I will discuss a treatment and plan designed specifically for you to reach your goals. When in doubt on what to choose, this is your best option!