Lahes & Brow Services

Are your brows or lashes looking a bit off in color? Are your lashes sparse while your eyebrows seem to be having the opposite problem? Skintopia in Scottsdale, AZ, can help. We offer professional lash and brow tinting, waxing, and lash lift services that will have your eyes and lashes in peak condition. While we’re experts in all things skin care, we’re also experts at taking care of your eyebrows and lashes. Let us help you find not only a paradise for your skin, but also for your eyes. Whether you’re seeing sparse areas in your lashes, thinning eyebrow hair, or seeking to punch up the refinements of each area, our brow and lash treatments target any area that needs special attention, giving your face the extra tools to help give it pop, polish, and punch.

 Lash & Brow Tinting

Lash and brow tinting can remedy any discoloration problems. Done by our expert staff, our method is safe and effective, with results lasting for four to six weeks. We’ll first apply an ointment to create a coating of moisture in the area around your brows and under your eyes. With your eyes closed, we place small pieces of paper under them to protect your skin, and then we use a vegetable-based dye on your eyebrows, lashes, or both, applied with a cotton applicator. The dye takes about 15 minutes to dry and then you’ll be able to open your eyes to a whole new you. We’ll gently wash away excess dye with soap and water to remove any stains from your skin before you go. 

Lashes | $15
Brows | $15
Lashes & Brows $25

Lash Lift Services

Want a little more drama but want to avoid the expense and time of eyelash extensions? Try a lash lift. If you’re suffering from sparse eyelashes and want to give them an extra pop, a lash lift will give you an enhanced lash look. This semi-permanent treatment “lifts” your lashes to give them extra curve. Your lashes will look longer, thicker, and better for up to eight weeks after the treatment, although it works best for clients with healthy, semi-long lashes that just want an extra kick to their eyes. If your lashes need some TLC, we also have an awesome serum that will have your lashes fluttering beautifully in no time.

$75 | 45 minutes