Taking Back Your Youthful Skin


Mirror, mirror on the wall, where did my youthful skin disappear to?

Who would have thought that by the time we are 35 we are considered to have OLD skin, but it is true. Up until this time, our skin is exfoliating and new skin cells are being revealed approximately every 28 days. Once we turn 35, the exfoliation process slows down and can take 45+ days, leaving our epidermis thicker than our dermis. When we have OLD skin, our fibroblast, which creates our collagen and elastin, goes dormant. Exposure to sunlight further ages our skin. Studies have shown that cells in the epidermis respond to the UV exposure by releasing chemicals that diffuse into the dermis and lead to enzyme release in dermal fibroblasts. The process is believed to result in deep wrinkling in the skin. Although many of us work inside, we forget how much we are out in the sun while driving or running errands at lunch or on breaks.

The skin we have represents us for many years and taking care of it is more of a necessity than a luxury these days. In addition to wearing a DAILY physical sunblock, it is also important to have monthly treatments performed to not only engage the fibroblast so it continues to produce collagen and elastin, but also to address any additional concerns such as acne, fine lines and wrinkles and brown spots.

As a skin care therapist, when analyzing skin, I find that the acid mantel (the upper layer of the skin that protects the body from harmful things getting in and good things from escaping) is compromised. There are many products now available over the counter that can be too harsh and damaging to the skin and strip it of it’s natural balance. When this occurs, it is difficult for the skin to accept any treatment or product being used to rebalance the skin.

Facials get the blood flowing, increasing the circulation allowing for the renewal of skin cells. As we age and our skin becomes more lax, our pores often become a concern. Facials and target at-home products can help keep the pores clean and appearing smaller. Enzymes are used in facials which work like little Pac-Men on the skin. Enzymes gobble up, digest and dissolve the excess epidermis that will reveal brighter, glowing skin. Adding treatments utilizing devices such as LED light therapy, microcurrent, dermaplaning, chemical peels and micro-needling further aid your esthetician to get your skin healthy and radiant. Remember, it takes our skin time to get to the condition it is in and much like dieting or working out, a plan to correct the skin must be given time to work.

Let’s face it, we have not found a way to stop the aging process, but with today’s technology and advancements, we CAN age gracefully and beautifully if we take the time to love ourselves.

Leawood Studio